About BP1st

Bullseye Performance was established in 2010 in order to train people to achieve maximum performance in the sports and tasks for which they choose to do their best. Positive relationships and accurate and consistent behaviour and the cognitive skills required to perform at one’s best and to ensure the team performs at the highest level possible.

BP1st was formed by Richard Ford because training dogs for dog agility requires physical and cognitive skills and experience beyond the basic level of doing each obstacle in a sequence of obstacles, which is generally what most trainers and handlers are training. Understanding stress and the requirements for performing at your best under pressure are rarely considered.

BP1st is located in the City of Burnaby in beautiful British Columbia, Canada

Relationship – Behaviour – Performance

Relationship, Behaviour, and Performance provide the 3 underlying principles of all training within any Bullseye Performance training program. Bullseye Performance utilizes highly rewarding methods to achieve success and maximize performance.

Dog Agility and Master Agility Performance (MAP) Programs:

Bullseye Performance training programs are designed for you to achieve success in training and optimal performance in Dog Agility, regardless of skill level. These programs provide the skills you require and a fun and healthy relationship for you and your canine partners.