My Dog Agility Bio

Richard Ford M.Sc. (Psychology)

Relationship – Behavior – Performance

Richard Ford has been training people and their dogs since 1997. Performance coaching and training has been a core focus since 2010 when Bullseye Performance was founded.

He has earned the AAC ATChC title and subsequent achievement awards on all of his dogs. Stevie Ray (AGMCH Runablaze Warrior Princess), has accumulated over 40 titles and over 350 clean runs across 4 venues in the United States (USDAA & AKC) and Canada (CKC & AAC), including earning both Canadian Championships, the AAC Agility Trial Championship of Canada (ATChC – Gold) and CKC Agility Master Championship (AGMCH). In addition to participation in Canadian and US championships, Richard and Stevie Ray have represented Canada at the 2008 FCI World Dog Agility Championship. Their achievements in competition include:

  • 2nd 10″ Specials 2010 AAC National Championship
  • 1st 10″ Specials 2010 AAC BC/Yukon Regional Championship
  • 1st 16″ Regular 2007 & 2008 AAC BC/Yukon Regional Championship
  • 2008 FCI World Agility Championship – Team Canada Midi Team, Helsinki Finland
  • 2007 USDAA Grand Prix Semi-finalist – Scottsdale Arizona

Richard bred Stevie Ray in 2009 and is now training and running Stevie Ray’s pups, Jimmi and Joey. Both dogs are highly skilled and highly motivated, but currently lack the experience that Stevie Ray was afforded throughout her agility career. They are currently working towards their performance goals in the Agility Association of Canada Regional and National Championship Program. Richard most recently qualified both Jimmi and Joey at the 2014 BC/Yukon Regional Agility Championship for the 2014 AAC National Dog Agility Championship.

Richard has regularly attended seminars and presentations by top dog agility handlers, which most recently include Kathy Keats, Stacy Perdot Goudy and Daisy Peel. Richard has been following FCI World Championship Dog Agility since 2003 and been utilizing many new and updated techniques in order to maximize performance.

Richard has an extensive background in training people in academic and corporate environments since 1984. Richard received a Master of Science Degree in Psychology from the University of Calgary in 1988. In addition to this training, he has extensive experience as a behavioral analyst with a strong understanding of both canine and human behavior.

In addition to behavioral and cognitive psychology, Richard incorporates knowledge and work from neuropsychology as it pertains to cognition and cognitive health for both dogs and dog owners. Relationship, Behavior and Performance provide a framework for supporting and improving cognitive health.


Bullseye Performance training programs provide the framework you require for creating a healthy cognitive environment for maximizing learning and performance. Our training programs provide you the tools and skills you need through positive methods that utilize reward based training. Relationship – Behavior – Performance is the foundation for reaching your performance potential in a learning environment that encourages success.

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Academic Credentials:

Neuroscience – Post Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant: University of British Columbia, 1988 – 1994

Master of Science, Behavioural Psychology: University of Calgary, 1988.

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Psychology: University of Calgary, 1985.