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Jimmi and Joey (Stevie Ray’s Double Trouble)
Stevie Ray’s Pride And Joy (Jimmi)
Stevie Ray’s Love Struck Baby (Joey)

These two pups were bred by me and born in my hands in July of 2009 and are Stevie Ray’s offspring.

Stevie Ray
AGMCH Runablaze Warrior Princess, CGN

Stevie Ray came into my home in March 2004. She is the offspring of another famous Canadian agility Dog, Idgie, and bred by Karen Lau

Dog Dylan

Dylan is a rescue from the BCSPCA who spend her ealy life as a wild dog in Mapleridge, BC. She loves people now, thinking they are all Pez dispensers and slot machines; pull lever, get food!

Jagger (RIP 2009)

Jagger was a BCSPCA rescue; Pit Bull Lab cross and my first agility dog. She came into my home in August of 1997 and started us down the dog agility path in 2000. Her first ever trial was in March of 2001. She was without a doubt, The Best Dog Ever! She is responsible for my participation in the sport of Dog Agility.