Relationship – Behaviour – Performance

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Relationship, Behaviour, and Performance provide the 3 underlying principles of all training within any Bullseye Performance training program. Bullseye Performance utilizes highly rewarding methods to achieve success and maximize performance.

Dog Agility and Master Agility Performance (MAP) Programs:

Bullseye Performance training programs are designed for you to achieve success in training and optimal performance in Dog Agility, regardless of skill level. These programs provide the skills you require and a fun and healthy relationship for you and your canine partners.


A great relationship provides the motivation for your dog to work hard and perform the behaviour you require from them and train them for, under any and all circumstances. The quality of the relationship in and out of the dog agility ring and desire that it creates is a significant component of achieving maximum performance. A hard working and skilled dog working for a hard working and skilled person in a rewarding relationship to achieve the desired goal.


Training your dog to reliably offer the behaviour you want to see from them in a consistent and precise manner using positive methods is an essential requirement for achieving maximum performance. Some say a behaviour is trained when their dog can perform what they ask. At Bullseye Performance, we say a dog is trained when they cannot fail to perform the behaviour under any circumstances.

The primary training methods cater to the processes of associative learning such as classical conditioning and operant conditioning. We specifically shape behaviour using positive reinforcement and teach people how to use rewards to achieve very precise and consistent behaviour as required in the sport of dog agility.


The ability to perform trained sequences of behaviour under any circumstances; under significant pressure and in highly stressful conditions where precise and accurate behaviour is required to achieve the desired result will lead to success in performance. Maximum performance is only achieved with the ability to focus on what is required from you to be successful when running your dog agility teammate. Focusing on what you need to do and not what you are afraid of or worried about, will lead you to perform as required under any circumstances.

Performance skills and confidence combined with a highly motivating relationship and precise and reliable behavioural skills are required to achieve maximum performance.